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white-bengal-tigerendangerWhite Tiger


Normal Tiger

Scientific name: Panthera tigris spp

This is a cat family animal.

It is Strong and big

Weight: 500 pound (male), 300 pound (female)

They would like to live in cold region. For instance, evergreen forests, wood land, green land, and rocky country.

Live: China, Southern Asia, and Russia’s far east

Tigers cam prey bigger and smaller species. For example, deer, mouse, rabbits, birds, fish, bear, elk, and etc.

There are less than 2 500 tigers now. Moreover, the shock news is that there only 200 white tigers left. There were 8 tiger subspecies before, but there are 4 tiger subspecies left now.

Subspecies: Bali tiger

                       Caspian tiger

                       Javan tiger

                       Bengal tigers

                       IndoChinese tigers

                       Siberian tigers

                       South China tigers

                       Sumatran tigers

Enemies: Human, elephants, buffaloes and bears


Reason for disappear: People destroy tigers’ habitat

                                           Poaching (circuses and fur)

 Tiger was declared an endangered species in 1969.                                        


In my opinion: Tigers can eat many kinds of species, so if number of tigers decrease, other species can increase. As a result, the environment will not be in balance, so we must think that we have started to face many problem. If this condition is happening continuously, we compound the problem.



Citation: http://fohn.net/tiger-pictures-facts/tiger-regal.jpg  



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If we say “Endangered species”, many people do not care about it, because Everyone considers about themselves. 

In the technological world, people are busy with their own works and make them popular only ( almost). People in this world are enemies of other species even other people. For example, destroying forest, water pollution, create greenhouse gas, war and etc.

First, if we mention about destroying forest, this is a very big issue, because of over population and the technology. When the population grow up, people start to cut down trees and build their houses.  Also, when the technology develops, people lash trees and small plans to  make buildings. Therefore, they destroy the forest. As a result species which live in the region lost their lands and die.

Then, the sewage form the factories, of ships ( sanitation and oil)  mixes with sea and rivers. If this sewage is on the water, it controls oxygen (O2) which sea species want. For example, concentration of oil is less than the concentration of water, so the oil is in the top. ( you can see the picture blow this paragraph.). Therefore, it cannot allow oxygen to go into the water, so species cannot get enough breath. As a result they lost their life.


Finally, Because of the factories exhaust much smoke which has a lot of carbon dioxide (CO2) [ there are other greenhouse gases too] to the atmosphere, so carbon dioxide helps to increase temperature. If the temperature increase rapidly, species cannot conserve even people. Moreover, polar bears lost their habitat, because ice shelves melt because of over heat. They cannot live without ice.

There are many othrer reasons too why many species lost their habitats and why many species die.



Citation:  http://www.mybathhouse.com/newsletter/oilwater1.jpg

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The polar bears are the first endangered animal in the world because of global warming, because the region ( full of ice and snow) where they live destroy; ice shelves melt because of increasing temperature.

There are between 22 000 and 40 000 polar bear  left now.

Almost they live in the Arctic and the north pole.

50% of polar bear are in Canada.

They are in a sensitive environment.

Enemy: only human.

Human activities cause climate changes which help for global warming. The ice shel disappear more that we expect. If the ice become as water, polar bear lose their places. Therefore, they die.

In my view: Think even for one minute. Global warming effect not only polar bear                             but also human, so don’t think that this is a simple issue. Everyone                                 who want to survive their generation, think and think… ( I hope that                            everyone like to conserve their generation) 




Citation: http://www.generousbeginnings.com/Thinesan/playful-polar-bear-001.jpg


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Mountain Gorillas is the largest living primate in the world.

Scientific name: Gorilla beringei 

Size: about 6 feet (male) and 5 feet (female)

Lifespan: 40 – 50 years

Behavior: Strong and powerful ( 10 times stronger than the biggest American                                 football players

                    Larger than other sub species

                    Larger teeth than other sub species

                    Can clim the tree but like to be in the ground community

Gorillas are Critically in jeopardy, because  720 gorillas left now. There are 380 gorillas in Virunga mountains and 340 gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrale Forest National Park Uganda.

They eat about 100 kinds of species of plants. For example, bamboo, wild celery, thistles, nettles and etc..

Reason for vanishing: Slow rate if reprodustion


                                           Attacked by human and leopards.             

                                           Uncontrolled hunting, war, disease, destruction of their habitat

                                           natural Changes and diasters

In my opinion: Every species is important for the ecosystem health, so As a responsibility of human, we must think about this king of species and protect them.

Citation: http://www.awf.org/files/3780_file_baby_gorilla_CraigSholley.jpg 

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Kind: Asian Elephant, African Elephant

This is the largest land animal.

Weight – 7500kg (African Elephant), 3500kg (Asian Elephant)

Living Elephant – 500 000 in Africa, 35 000 in Asia

Reason for poaching – tusk

Another sad thing is that people take the elephant for circus in the zoo and hurt them with ankuses. After that, the zoo’s workers euthanize the elephants.

The amazing news is that elephants do not forget anything, so if people do anything wrong, they can remember and revenge the people. Therefore, BE CAREFUL WITH ELEPHANTS.

In my opinion: There are some elephants left now, so take care the elephant without hurt them.

Citation: http://www.freefoto.com/images/01/29/01_29_55—Elephant_web.jpg

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Skin: Black or grew skin is covered with mosaic pattern.

Weight: 1500 kg – 2300kg

Length: 3m – 3.5 m

Mala Javan has single horn

Amazing thing is that female Javan Rhinoceros is larger than male.

Live: sunder bans in India and Bangladesh before. Now, in Ujung Kulon in Java.

Reason for poaching – blood, horn (1 kg horn is $ 30, 000)

                                    People use it for medicine and Chinese soldier’s Armor.                  

You know, there are only 60 Javan Rhinoceros left.

The government bans not to kill the Javan Rhinoceros.

In my opinion: 60 is a very small number, Javan Rhinoceros, as a member of the environment,

they must be here for keeping the ecosystem health.  Also human have to consider about Javan Rhinoceros to conserve them. In the technical world, try to do something for survive them.

citation: http://zoxaeus.com/ZTForums/uploads/post-26-1143342647.jpg

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Scientific name: Pantera onca

Description: Almost brownish skin with black spots. 

                        long tail

Live : The Unites States, the rain forest in the Central and South America, Africa and Asia

Food : living mammals, fish, flogs, turtles, etc

Enemy: people, for their lovely coat and farmers kill them, because Jaguars prey farmers’ cattle.

They are in danger. For instance, there are less than 200 jaguars in Argentina. Also about 50% of jaguar were disapeared in 1990.

 My opinion: jaguar is one of the endangered species, so people must consider about this animal because protection nature is one of the human responsibilities. Also, if people don’t destroy the forest which is one of the biome, Jaguar don’t come to kill cultivators’ cattle. In addition, almost people think about money and kill them and get their fur, so hereafter, think about the environment, because human are a part of the environment.


citation: http://www.animalwebguide.com/Jaguar.htm



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