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I think this post is a good restart to my blog, because I have not written any post for 2 months, I can recall someone who are special for me. Thanks to all visitors of my blog, because U have reached 37,127 hits. Yaah.. 🙂

I have to dedicate all of your wishes to Miss Amy who introduced http://www.wordpress.com to me to write about something about an issue.
As I have chosen to write about endangered animals, I have got a lot of information which helps to many people who have visited my blog since I created this blog. Every post I have written teaches me a lot and they help me to understand the reality of life. As many human’s activities are harmful for nature, we have to be friendly with environment, because as human beings we have to survive and save other living beings as well.
Though my blog shares about animals, it has other pasts too. I have decided to write about others too as I can improve my writing skill and learning other skills like researching and enjoying my leisure time. In addition, this blog have brought me a lot of friends who really help me to expand my blog.
In this place, I have to remember Miss Amy again. Although she is not with me in Bangladesh now as she is in the United States, whenever I see my blog and viewer, I recall her. I can remember, one day she said that I was one of the best students of her who studied under her.
Thanks Miss Amy.
Love you…


I’m really sorry to say that I couldn’t link this URL.


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