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Scientific name: Raphus cucullatus

As you know this is not an endangered species, this is an extinct bird.

Dodo was in only Mauritius, an island in the Indian Ocean. It wanted a different place to live such as plains, small mountains, marshes.

They ate fish, seeds and fruits.

Weight – about 1 kg

Length – 100 cm

It had large legs, short neck and short wings.

It could not fly and walked slowly.

This is one of the largest birds in the world.

It was in danger because of overhunting, because they are preyed by sailors and some animals such as cats, rats and pigs destroyed dodo’s nests. However they didn’t eat after dodo was hunted; they kept with salt and ate later too.

First, it was identified in 1597 in Europe. It was extinct by 1681. You can find some of their skeletons (bones). Is not a surprise that within 80 years, a species had extinct?

Do you want any species like dodo anymore?

Let’s work on to protect the species which are an endangered species.                                                


This is the place where dodo live.

Citation: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/bf/DodoRangeMauritius.gif 



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When I watched news about crocodile, I did not know that crocodiles are endangered species. They are found in Southeast asia and in Northern Australia. 

The name of crocodile came from Greek word “Krokodile”
Crocodiles cannot breathe under water, but they can hold their breathe for a long time.

Scientific name: Crocodylus Midorensis

Length – 15 to 21 feet 

Weight – 1700 pounds

They eat fish, birds, mammals and occasionally smaller crocodiles.

No one knows how many crocodiles are left noe, but there are only 4000 american crocodiles left.

They are in jeopardy for many reasons.

  • They are hunted for their hide which is used for making leather things, and for meat. 
  • Their blood can be used as antibiotic medicine for infection diseases.
  • Many other animals such as lion, leopards and hippopotamuses kill crocodiles.
  • Lose habitat
  • overexploitation

How can they be protected?

  • habitat protection
  • Some organizations can take action
  • Sustainable use



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I think many people do not know about red uakari, because it is not popular as other animals which I posted before in my blog. It has red in its name because it has red skin.

Scientific name: Cacajao calvus

Another names: Huapo rojo, mono angles and puca huapo

This s a mankey family animal. It has the shortest tail amoung other monkeys.

Weight: 2 – 3 kg

They are live in arboreal, dense and flooded forest in the Amazon river basin in Brazil only. They would like to be sociable like gorups.

Density of red uakari is about 4 in 1 square km in 1987.  It is very less that that, but no one knows that exact number of red uakari. It has listed as an endangered animal in 2003. It is in danger because of overhunting and deforestation.

What is your suggestion for saving red uakari? I leave this question to you. You can answer too. I’ll tell it later……

Let’s write your ideas…

Citation: http://news.hereisthecity.com/cntns_media/hitcn/me_1153.jpg

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It is a bear family animal

Name: Giant Panda

Scientific name: Ailuropada melanoleuca

Amazing news is that they can clim the trees and swim. Also,  they like solitary. Moreover, they spend a lot of time for eating and relaxing.

Live: bamboo forests and mountains

           Eastern China, Myanmar Northern  vietnam 

Eat: Leaves and stems of bamboo tree

         Pandas have to eat 12-38 kg each day.

Appearance: 150 cm long

                        100-150 kg weight

                        black and white fur

There are only 1600 pandas left now.

There are in jeopardy form many reasons, because people

– low reproduce rate

– Pandas don’t have food because, people cut bamboo tress 

– Because of deforestation for agriculture and development, pandas lose their habitat

– poaching for fur

– circus uses


Do you think we can protect them?

Go down..








If we make bamboo corridor, the tree will survive, so panda can eat them.

If people control the deforestation

These two ways are very easy to do, because if you see bamboo trees, just grow then any where, because they don’t want to much water. Also this is a human responsibility to keep the environment in balance, so let’s start to survive pandas.

Citation: http://iwmf04.ustc.edu.cn/images/giant%20panda.jpg

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white-bengal-tigerendangerWhite Tiger


Normal Tiger

Scientific name: Panthera tigris spp

This is a cat family animal.

It is Strong and big

Weight: 500 pound (male), 300 pound (female)

They would like to live in cold region. For instance, evergreen forests, wood land, green land, and rocky country.

Live: China, Southern Asia, and Russia’s far east

Tigers cam prey bigger and smaller species. For example, deer, mouse, rabbits, birds, fish, bear, elk, and etc.

There are less than 2 500 tigers now. Moreover, the shock news is that there only 200 white tigers left. There were 8 tiger subspecies before, but there are 4 tiger subspecies left now.

Subspecies: Bali tiger

                       Caspian tiger

                       Javan tiger

                       Bengal tigers

                       IndoChinese tigers

                       Siberian tigers

                       South China tigers

                       Sumatran tigers

Enemies: Human, elephants, buffaloes and bears


Reason for disappear: People destroy tigers’ habitat

                                           Poaching (circuses and fur)

 Tiger was declared an endangered species in 1969.                                        


In my opinion: Tigers can eat many kinds of species, so if number of tigers decrease, other species can increase. As a result, the environment will not be in balance, so we must think that we have started to face many problem. If this condition is happening continuously, we compound the problem.



Citation: http://fohn.net/tiger-pictures-facts/tiger-regal.jpg  


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The polar bears are the first endangered animal in the world because of global warming, because the region ( full of ice and snow) where they live destroy; ice shelves melt because of increasing temperature.

There are between 22 000 and 40 000 polar bear  left now.

Almost they live in the Arctic and the north pole.

50% of polar bear are in Canada.

They are in a sensitive environment.

Enemy: only human.

Human activities cause climate changes which help for global warming. The ice shel disappear more that we expect. If the ice become as water, polar bear lose their places. Therefore, they die.

In my view: Think even for one minute. Global warming effect not only polar bear                             but also human, so don’t think that this is a simple issue. Everyone                                 who want to survive their generation, think and think… ( I hope that                            everyone like to conserve their generation) 




Citation: http://www.generousbeginnings.com/Thinesan/playful-polar-bear-001.jpg


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Mountain Gorillas is the largest living primate in the world.

Scientific name: Gorilla beringei 

Size: about 6 feet (male) and 5 feet (female)

Lifespan: 40 – 50 years

Behavior: Strong and powerful ( 10 times stronger than the biggest American                                 football players

                    Larger than other sub species

                    Larger teeth than other sub species

                    Can clim the tree but like to be in the ground community

Gorillas are Critically in jeopardy, because  720 gorillas left now. There are 380 gorillas in Virunga mountains and 340 gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrale Forest National Park Uganda.

They eat about 100 kinds of species of plants. For example, bamboo, wild celery, thistles, nettles and etc..

Reason for vanishing: Slow rate if reprodustion


                                           Attacked by human and leopards.             

                                           Uncontrolled hunting, war, disease, destruction of their habitat

                                           natural Changes and diasters

In my opinion: Every species is important for the ecosystem health, so As a responsibility of human, we must think about this king of species and protect them.

Citation: http://www.awf.org/files/3780_file_baby_gorilla_CraigSholley.jpg 

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