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Do you want to lose this beautiful bird?

Don’ your generations see this bird?

Peacock is the most beautiful and amazing large long tailed bird in the world. Peacock is more attractive than peahen, because peacock has a big crest. We call peacock for male and female, but the truth is that female is peahen.

They are very shy, nut they can live many in the same place.

They eat many kinds of seeds, grains, nuts, fruit, leaves, roots, slugs, worms and insects. 

Peacocks like to be in coastal lowland and deep forest.
Weight: 4 – 6 kg
Size: 90 – 130 cm

Scientific name: Polyplectron emphanum 

There are less than 10, 000 peacock left.

They are danger

  • circuses
  • for feather 
  • declining habitat 
  • hunting for food

What do you think about the plight of peacocks? They also have soul like us, think a few minutes. Then you will realize……




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