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                I would like to know what other people think about endangered animails, so I have decided to take interview. This is my second interview. If you want to see that, click here. These answers were given by my friend’s wife. When I chatted with her, I got the idea and asked some questions. Thanks, Ramya Anni.


1.      Have you thought about endangered animals?

I know tiger, peacock and turtles are some of them.

2.      Don’t you know other endangered animals?

No, I don’t, but I think they are very important.

3.      Do u know what will happen if a species extinct from this environment?

There will be big imbalance in Eco system. The food chain will collapse.
Am I right?
Then some of wild animals will grow soon without a control. This will spoil our surroundings.

4.      Do you think people can do something to solve it? Or help to the survival of endangered animals?

Sure, we can

5.      What are you going to do?

Every week, I am spending 5 Hours to plant and nurse trees in

a nearby village.

6.      Does it help or is it worth?

If we plant more trees, we can keep enriching the lands of that place.

7.     Do u think if a person does this; it can make a good habitat for many species?

Sure. Plant a Single Flowering Plant. Then see what happens. There will be some plant spiders will live there. Butterflies reach there often. In the sand, the bacteria will grow more.

8.      Do you think bacteria are always good?

Every Organism in this earth is good for some organism and bad for some other organism. For most of the plants, Bacteria produce Nitrate from the Soil. This nitrate will help in plant growth.

 Citation: My friend’s wife Ramya

I have to thank you Ramya Anni, Thanks a lot.


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I have got an idea to ask opinian from my friends about endangered animals. Therefore, I asked some question to Silojah and she answered that.

1) What do you think about endangered species?

Every species has the right to exist in the world until it reaches the point of natural extinction. However, there are some issues influence on their lives. They lead species into extinction until they become endangered species. Number of members in one species will be reduced and without enough protection, living place and food, they are dying every day.  I think, the main reason for this occurrence is human being. Human destroy their living places in the name of globalization. Air, land and water pollutions make this situation even worse. Depletion of natural resources by human is also to blame for this problem.


2) Did you think about endangered species before you studied in your class?

I have heard this name when I was studying secondary education. I wanted to do one project about a serious issue in the world. Thus, I searched about endangered species. I got to know a lot about all type of species. More importantly, in bio stream, I studied about all type of species. Because of these reasons, I knew this name before.


3) Do you think that this problem is controllable?

According to my opinion, we cannot control this issue. It is not just a political issue to take one decision and publish. Every person in this world should realize the seriousness of this issue and take action. They should at least stop destroying them. However, hunting animals is happening legally in some countries. Thus, it is very hard to make this issue controllable. We can try through media and make people aware about this matter. That is the only thing we can do to control this matter. Otherwise, we should create food or places for those endangered species. It is impossible.


I think everything given by Silojah is correct. Every species is important for survival of other species…

Note: Thank you, Silojah.. I think your ideas can help me to reach my vision.

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