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Human & Nature

Have you ever compare nature with nature or its creatures? It is fantastic that many natural species has connection with human whole the time.

Let’s see this pictures and think how are you related with the environment.

See carefully a girl is dancing

Dancing positon of a girl

A face – Can u realize it?


A face – trust me


If the tree is red, it’s definitely like human’s heart


If you were interesed or bored while you were reading this post, let me know that how  is it and how can I improve?






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IPL Cricket Teams..

The teams of IPL t20 Cricket 2009

Deccan Chargers

delhi_dare_devils-18_may_064Delhi Daredevils


Rajasthan Royals

PunjabKings XI Punjab

chennai-super-kingsChennai Super Kings

mumbai-indiansMumbai Indians

royal-challenge1Royal Challenge Bangalore

kolkata_knight_riders_team_iplKolkata Knight Riders

I think hopefully you will enjoy these picture. 

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                I would like to know what other people think about endangered animails, so I have decided to take interview. This is my second interview. If you want to see that, click here. These answers were given by my friend’s wife. When I chatted with her, I got the idea and asked some questions. Thanks, Ramya Anni.


1.      Have you thought about endangered animals?

I know tiger, peacock and turtles are some of them.

2.      Don’t you know other endangered animals?

No, I don’t, but I think they are very important.

3.      Do u know what will happen if a species extinct from this environment?

There will be big imbalance in Eco system. The food chain will collapse.
Am I right?
Then some of wild animals will grow soon without a control. This will spoil our surroundings.

4.      Do you think people can do something to solve it? Or help to the survival of endangered animals?

Sure, we can

5.      What are you going to do?

Every week, I am spending 5 Hours to plant and nurse trees in

a nearby village.

6.      Does it help or is it worth?

If we plant more trees, we can keep enriching the lands of that place.

7.     Do u think if a person does this; it can make a good habitat for many species?

Sure. Plant a Single Flowering Plant. Then see what happens. There will be some plant spiders will live there. Butterflies reach there often. In the sand, the bacteria will grow more.

8.      Do you think bacteria are always good?

Every Organism in this earth is good for some organism and bad for some other organism. For most of the plants, Bacteria produce Nitrate from the Soil. This nitrate will help in plant growth.

 Citation: My friend’s wife Ramya

I have to thank you Ramya Anni, Thanks a lot.

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