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I think you might think that this post is going to be a little different thatn others. Sure, because my blog is going to have many other good things and bad things which are in the environment.

I think it can be more interestion than what I am doing. I know that hopefully, you  also like that. However, almost verything will be related with the environment, because the nature has a lot of things to enjoy.

Everyantural thing is in this world is for using without spoiling or destroying, because this is a human responsibility to survive the environment.

you can expect many new things from this blog, because in this vast world, we have a lot tio know and study. Therefore, let’s begin to find a way to unserstand the world.

Citation: http://weblogs.elearning.ubc.ca/biology/change.JPG



                I would like to know what other people think about endangered animails, so I have decided to take interview. This is my second interview. If you want to see that, click here. These answers were given by my friend’s wife. When I chatted with her, I got the idea and asked some questions. Thanks, Ramya Anni.


1.      Have you thought about endangered animals?

I know tiger, peacock and turtles are some of them.

2.      Don’t you know other endangered animals?

No, I don’t, but I think they are very important.

3.      Do u know what will happen if a species extinct from this environment?

There will be big imbalance in Eco system. The food chain will collapse.
Am I right?
Then some of wild animals will grow soon without a control. This will spoil our surroundings.

4.      Do you think people can do something to solve it? Or help to the survival of endangered animals?

Sure, we can

5.      What are you going to do?

Every week, I am spending 5 Hours to plant and nurse trees in

a nearby village.

6.      Does it help or is it worth?

If we plant more trees, we can keep enriching the lands of that place.

7.     Do u think if a person does this; it can make a good habitat for many species?

Sure. Plant a Single Flowering Plant. Then see what happens. There will be some plant spiders will live there. Butterflies reach there often. In the sand, the bacteria will grow more.

8.      Do you think bacteria are always good?

Every Organism in this earth is good for some organism and bad for some other organism. For most of the plants, Bacteria produce Nitrate from the Soil. This nitrate will help in plant growth.

 Citation: My friend’s wife Ramya

I have to thank you Ramya Anni, Thanks a lot.



Scientific name: Raphus cucullatus

As you know this is not an endangered species, this is an extinct bird.

Dodo was in only Mauritius, an island in the Indian Ocean. It wanted a different place to live such as plains, small mountains, marshes.

They ate fish, seeds and fruits.

Weight – about 1 kg

Length – 100 cm

It had large legs, short neck and short wings.

It could not fly and walked slowly.

This is one of the largest birds in the world.

It was in danger because of overhunting, because they are preyed by sailors and some animals such as cats, rats and pigs destroyed dodo’s nests. However they didn’t eat after dodo was hunted; they kept with salt and ate later too.

First, it was identified in 1597 in Europe. It was extinct by 1681. You can find some of their skeletons (bones). Is not a surprise that within 80 years, a species had extinct?

Do you want any species like dodo anymore?

Let’s work on to protect the species which are an endangered species.                                                


This is the place where dodo live.

Citation: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/bf/DodoRangeMauritius.gif 



This is a true story which is connected with me and as a person I saw some of her difficulties. I would like to share her experience with her permission without saying her real name. You will know how a woman is discriminated by many people. Think how we can work against women discrimination.

The story is about my friend’s mother who is called Rani and a daily worker in Sri Lanka. Her family was very poor; she dropped out from school when she studied grade eleven (age – 16), because she is the first baby girl in her family, so her mother could not pay more money for her studies. Almost every work was done by her, but her siblings went school. She was discriminated in her house too. For example, her mother always said her, “Rani, you don’t want to go to school, because you are a girl, so think about you family. You can make food and, sit here and sell this to people.” Her mother didn’t say this politely. However, she accepted and cooked food (“String hoppers” “Thosa” and “hoppers”) and sold it.

After her marriage also, she was not happy with her husband Roshan, because he was drunk. Fortunately, she has depended on her hand, because she has had a job. Roshan loved her, but his relatives and his habit of drinking didn’t allow him to make her happy. His siblings tried to take his money from him by giving alcohol and cigarettes. For instance, his sister often bought alcohol and said him, “Hey, Roshan, Here is the bottle, you can drink. You wife doesn’t like you, so she didn’t, because she doesn’t want you to be happy, but this and I bought for you.” Also, they blamed her in many ways such as connect with many men, steal things, destroy her husband life and etc.

She was very annoyed every time. She worked for her husband even though he didn’t consider about her happiness. However, he never makes her physically weak by beating. She faced many difficulties when her husband suffered by cancer and yellow fever, she only cared about him, but his relations censure that she never took care of her husband, she did everything wrong and she was not a good wife even a woman.

            The treatment against his diseases was not worth, so he has passed away, because the doctors identified the diseases after they became severely. . He was in a hospital for three months so every morning she went to the hospital in the morning, afternoon and evening, because she could not stay in the hospital. Unfortunately, there was a big war was going on; however, she woke up early and cooked and went through many check point where the Sri Lankan Army staid and check the properties of people. When he was very ill, she forgave him and treated well him.

 In Hindus’ religion, the funeral day of a woman’s husband, she must remove her “Mangalyam” (You can see it below. I have added two pictures) which is worn by husband when they are married. Therefore, she didn’t have Mangalyam in her husband funeral, because her husband sold that for his own purpose which no one knew at that time. She could not say anything, because she didn’t have any evidence. His elder sister said someone, “Ranis sold her Mangalyam, because her family needed money, so she wanted to give it to them.”

Before he died, he rectified his mistake and said to her not to break her siblings’ relationship even though they made mistakes. Roshan said her like a begger, “Rani please, forgive them, don’t revenge them.” Therefore, she has kept in touch with his relations, but her kids know everything what has happened for their mother, so they do not like to be with their father’s siblings.

  She has continued her life with many obstacles since she was born. When will it be solved? She trusts her two children make her life brighter. I wish her to get a great future life by her kids. I think her kids make her happier in her future.





mangalyam4_small          mangalyam





While wearing Mangalyam 


Ciatation: http://sarrafim.com/images/MANGALYAM_005.jpg 


Note: Every character in this story has been changed for safety. 

Citation: Thanks, my dear friend. You gave me a lot of information.



When I watched news about crocodile, I did not know that crocodiles are endangered species. They are found in Southeast asia and in Northern Australia. 

The name of crocodile came from Greek word “Krokodile”
Crocodiles cannot breathe under water, but they can hold their breathe for a long time.

Scientific name: Crocodylus Midorensis

Length – 15 to 21 feet 

Weight – 1700 pounds

They eat fish, birds, mammals and occasionally smaller crocodiles.

No one knows how many crocodiles are left noe, but there are only 4000 american crocodiles left.

They are in jeopardy for many reasons.

  • They are hunted for their hide which is used for making leather things, and for meat. 
  • Their blood can be used as antibiotic medicine for infection diseases.
  • Many other animals such as lion, leopards and hippopotamuses kill crocodiles.
  • Lose habitat
  • overexploitation

How can they be protected?

  • habitat protection
  • Some organizations can take action
  • Sustainable use




When I read my friend’s blog, I have got this idea. Then, I just have  thought about my blog and wrote it.

Do we have to do something with this? (Do you think what is this?)

Have you heard about Sequoia sempervirens? This is  one kind of tree which is in California. This is one of the largest tree in the world. It can be live about for 2200 years, so If we want to protect aminals habitat, we can grow this tree, because the temperature of the atmosphere is increasing recently, because of destrying forest or trees. However, I don’t know whether if is feasible or not.

Height of the tree is about 112 meters.

See this picture – I got it from my friend’s blog (let you juxtapose the height of the  tree with the height people)



Citation: http://users.telenet.be/sequoiadendron/en/giantsequoia.html 

Thank you very much Theva anna (My friend) to give this picture and the idea.


I have got an idea to ask opinian from my friends about endangered animals. Therefore, I asked some question to Silojah and she answered that.

1) What do you think about endangered species?

Every species has the right to exist in the world until it reaches the point of natural extinction. However, there are some issues influence on their lives. They lead species into extinction until they become endangered species. Number of members in one species will be reduced and without enough protection, living place and food, they are dying every day.  I think, the main reason for this occurrence is human being. Human destroy their living places in the name of globalization. Air, land and water pollutions make this situation even worse. Depletion of natural resources by human is also to blame for this problem.


2) Did you think about endangered species before you studied in your class?

I have heard this name when I was studying secondary education. I wanted to do one project about a serious issue in the world. Thus, I searched about endangered species. I got to know a lot about all type of species. More importantly, in bio stream, I studied about all type of species. Because of these reasons, I knew this name before.


3) Do you think that this problem is controllable?

According to my opinion, we cannot control this issue. It is not just a political issue to take one decision and publish. Every person in this world should realize the seriousness of this issue and take action. They should at least stop destroying them. However, hunting animals is happening legally in some countries. Thus, it is very hard to make this issue controllable. We can try through media and make people aware about this matter. That is the only thing we can do to control this matter. Otherwise, we should create food or places for those endangered species. It is impossible.


I think everything given by Silojah is correct. Every species is important for survival of other species…

Note: Thank you, Silojah.. I think your ideas can help me to reach my vision.