I think this post is a good restart to my blog, because I have not written any post for 2 months, I can recall someone who are special for me. Thanks to all visitors of my blog, because U have reached 37,127 hits. Yaah.. 🙂

I have to dedicate all of your wishes to Miss Amy who introduced http://www.wordpress.com to me to write about something about an issue.
As I have chosen to write about endangered animals, I have got a lot of information which helps to many people who have visited my blog since I created this blog. Every post I have written teaches me a lot and they help me to understand the reality of life. As many human’s activities are harmful for nature, we have to be friendly with environment, because as human beings we have to survive and save other living beings as well.
Though my blog shares about animals, it has other pasts too. I have decided to write about others too as I can improve my writing skill and learning other skills like researching and enjoying my leisure time. In addition, this blog have brought me a lot of friends who really help me to expand my blog.
In this place, I have to remember Miss Amy again. Although she is not with me in Bangladesh now as she is in the United States, whenever I see my blog and viewer, I recall her. I can remember, one day she said that I was one of the best students of her who studied under her.
Thanks Miss Amy.
Love you…


I’m really sorry to say that I couldn’t link this URL.

Vehicles and Trees


Imaginate World

   Redish Clouds and SeaBrightness of the world

Lotus Plant of the pondLotus plant out of the pond

Redish WorldRidish...

Angle’s WorldAngles' World

Golden WorldGolgen World

This is just imagination of someone. However the wold is filled by full of technology, everyone would like to see the world in a different way..

Citation: I have got it from mail..


Human & Nature

Have you ever compare nature with nature or its creatures? It is fantastic that many natural species has connection with human whole the time.

Let’s see this pictures and think how are you related with the environment.

See carefully a girl is dancing

Dancing positon of a girl

A face – Can u realize it?


A face – trust me


If the tree is red, it’s definitely like human’s heart


If you were interesed or bored while you were reading this post, let me know that how  is it and how can I improve?





When I researched aon the internet, I have found these peculiar pictures about nature, and I would like to share them with  you. I think you will also enjoy them.


We can use our resource like this



If I say this is also a kind of tree, you must trust me


Even many people bent like this


When I see this picuture, I thought it was an animal. What did you think?



If a tree can adapt with a bicycle, why human cannot accept everything which has happened in his lives?

We have many beautiful creatures to look at, so if you think we want to keep them for you future generation, DO NOT DESTROY THE NATURE..






IPL Cricket Teams..

The teams of IPL t20 Cricket 2009

Deccan Chargers

delhi_dare_devils-18_may_064Delhi Daredevils


Rajasthan Royals

PunjabKings XI Punjab

chennai-super-kingsChennai Super Kings

mumbai-indiansMumbai Indians

royal-challenge1Royal Challenge Bangalore

kolkata_knight_riders_team_iplKolkata Knight Riders

I think hopefully you will enjoy these picture. 

This post is going to be little different, because it is not related with nature or natural beauty, but nature can affect this incident. 

Almost everyone speaks about IPLT20 cricket curently. Deccan Chargers, Delhi Daredevils, Mumbai Idians, Kolkata Knight Riders, Chennai Super Kings, Kings XI Punjab, Royal Challengers Bangalore and Rajasthan Royals are the eight teams which are playing in IPL cricket. 

Every match is very interestion to see; moreover, a blog is writen by a player of  Kolkata Knight Riders.. che…. che…. he is 16th player in the team and sharving drinks is his work there. He has started to write this blog since when the IPL matches started (April 12, 2009), but  there are 3342 bloggers follow this blog.

The specialities of this blog are that he writes many interesting true incidents which have happened during these days such as matches, breakfast, leisure time, opening ceremony and etc, and he puts nicknames for many players, owners and coaches. Also, he knows many languages, cultures and behaviors of people.

If you are a fan of IPL cricket, go and read the blog which I have given above, so you want the nick names…

Here are them…

1) Kishen Kanaiyya refers to Ravi Shastri.

2) Appam Chuthiya refers to Sreeshanth he comes from kerala where appam is the famous delicacy and fakeiplplayer is calling him bcoz of his attitude.

3) Pedophile Priest refers to  Adam Gilchrist.

4) Kaan Moolo referes to Ajith Agarkar coz i think all of you would know,it’s for his enormous ears.

5) Big Sister refers to Shilpa Shetty coz she rose to fame using the big brother reality show.

6) Prince Charles of Patiala refers to Yuvraj Singh coz i think its anyone’s guess well he is from punjab and worshipped like a king there,probably one more reason the author likes him.

7) Lord Almighty refers to Sourav Ganguly , once again here the writer has shown his liking for ganguly so has raised him from the status of prince to lord himself.

8. Babli refers to Preity Zinta as she is ever refreshing and encouraging her team.

9) Calypso King refers to Chris Gayle as he is considered the king of Caribbean in the world of cricket.

10) Vinnie Dildo refers to  Sharukh Khan coz as far as my research says it is due to his interefering or poking behaviour and also the atmost hate of this writer towards Shahrukh.

11) Havaii Chappal refers to  Greg Chapel coz of his surname ‘Chapel’ —> ‘Chappal’ and havai as prefix to show how ‘local’ he is.

12) Junta Tormentor refers to Ajantha Mendis coz of his abnormal bowling action which has tormented batsmen around the world.

13) The Baja of Baroda refers to Anshuman Gaekwad coz he is from baroda is the simple guess i suppose.

14) Sandy Baddy babe refers to Mandira Bedi coz she is a female who has nothing like a babe but still is acting like one.

15) Little John refers to  Ishant Sharma ,its just a paradox to refer.

16) John Wrong refers to John Wright, ,its just a paradox to refer.

17) Bangla Tiger refers Mashrafe Mortaza coz he is from Bangaldesh and ‘tiger’ coz the author likes him.

18)Sheikh of Tweak refers to Shane Warne.

19) Meera Bhai refers to Harbhajan Singh.

20) RDB refers to Randeep Bose.

21) Ram refers to VVS Laxman because every time Laxman had called Ram.

22) Chatterjee Kaaku refers to  The Old Guy from the Ad posted by the KKR(Kolkata Knight Riders) Team where he says ‘Tum Bhi Jeetoge’.

23) Mr.Batlivala refers to liqour baron Mr Vijay Mallya

24) Phoren Babas refers to Brendon Mc Cullum and the coach John Buchanan

25) ShakespeareAkash Chopra

26) Ganji HangerSanjay Bangar

27) Big MacMathew Hayden

28) Chintu Singh – Anureet Singh

29) Joker – The Nepali guy(Chang) who was Indian Idol host

30)Sheeghra Patan refers to Yousuf Pathan

31)Candy Nickle refers to Andy biche

32)Bookha naan is Buchanan

Teams referred in the story :

Bevdaa Team refers Bangalore Royal Challengers coz its owned by the liquor giant vijay mallya.

Big Sister’s Team refers to Rajasthan Royals coz owned by shilpa shetty.

Bubblie’s Team refers to Punjab Kings XI coz owned by preity zinta.

Let you enjoy the blog and IPL matches.

As I’m a fan of cricket, I have really enjoyed this blog and matches.




Change only doesn't chagne

I think you might think that this post is going to be a little different thatn others. Sure, because my blog is going to have many other good things and bad things which are in the environment.

I think it can be more interestion than what I am doing. I know that hopefully, you  also like that. However, almost verything will be related with the environment, because the nature has a lot of things to enjoy.

Everyantural thing is in this world is for using without spoiling or destroying, because this is a human responsibility to survive the environment.

you can expect many new things from this blog, because in this vast world, we have a lot tio know and study. Therefore, let’s begin to find a way to unserstand the world.

Citation: http://weblogs.elearning.ubc.ca/biology/change.JPG


                I would like to know what other people think about endangered animails, so I have decided to take interview. This is my second interview. If you want to see that, click here. These answers were given by my friend’s wife. When I chatted with her, I got the idea and asked some questions. Thanks, Ramya Anni.


1.      Have you thought about endangered animals?

I know tiger, peacock and turtles are some of them.

2.      Don’t you know other endangered animals?

No, I don’t, but I think they are very important.

3.      Do u know what will happen if a species extinct from this environment?

There will be big imbalance in Eco system. The food chain will collapse.
Am I right?
Then some of wild animals will grow soon without a control. This will spoil our surroundings.

4.      Do you think people can do something to solve it? Or help to the survival of endangered animals?

Sure, we can

5.      What are you going to do?

Every week, I am spending 5 Hours to plant and nurse trees in

a nearby village.

6.      Does it help or is it worth?

If we plant more trees, we can keep enriching the lands of that place.

7.     Do u think if a person does this; it can make a good habitat for many species?

Sure. Plant a Single Flowering Plant. Then see what happens. There will be some plant spiders will live there. Butterflies reach there often. In the sand, the bacteria will grow more.

8.      Do you think bacteria are always good?

Every Organism in this earth is good for some organism and bad for some other organism. For most of the plants, Bacteria produce Nitrate from the Soil. This nitrate will help in plant growth.

 Citation: My friend’s wife Ramya

I have to thank you Ramya Anni, Thanks a lot.



Scientific name: Raphus cucullatus

As you know this is not an endangered species, this is an extinct bird.

Dodo was in only Mauritius, an island in the Indian Ocean. It wanted a different place to live such as plains, small mountains, marshes.

They ate fish, seeds and fruits.

Weight – about 1 kg

Length – 100 cm

It had large legs, short neck and short wings.

It could not fly and walked slowly.

This is one of the largest birds in the world.

It was in danger because of overhunting, because they are preyed by sailors and some animals such as cats, rats and pigs destroyed dodo’s nests. However they didn’t eat after dodo was hunted; they kept with salt and ate later too.

First, it was identified in 1597 in Europe. It was extinct by 1681. You can find some of their skeletons (bones). Is not a surprise that within 80 years, a species had extinct?

Do you want any species like dodo anymore?

Let’s work on to protect the species which are an endangered species.                                                


This is the place where dodo live.

Citation: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/bf/DodoRangeMauritius.gif